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Sample Sales in New York City

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I wanted to write about sample sales in NYC because I didn’t know what to expect when I went to my first one over a year ago. Hopefully this blog post will give you an idea of what sample sales in NYC are like! First off, sample sales in New York City are not as hectic as how it looks in this photo.

From Confessions of a Shopaholic Movie

Sample sales also happen way more often than you think. Sometimes I feel like the name is a bit misleading, because you’d think that a sample sale is a sale where they sell their sample items for cheap to test the waters, but that is definitely not the case in most situations. I’d say only 15% of the time it’s like that. The retail industry always has clothes from previous seasons that they want to get rid of, so they will sell them at a sample sale for cheap to decrease the inventory and get some cash. Two of my favorite ones are 260SAMPLESALE and Clothingline, and they are usually about four days long. 260SAMPLESALE usually has more high-end brands compared to Clothingline.

I have gotten some GREAT deals at sample sales, like Theory dresses for 75% off! However, sometimes I come out with absolutely nothing, because the items in the sample sale are all too large for me. If you are a size XS or 00, I would suggest you to go early, because those sizes are rare to begin with at these sales and tend to go fast. If you are a size L/XL, sometimes they will have a price reduction on the third/fourth day of the sale, but if you want popular/classic pieces, definitely go early!

I will now take you with me to the Marc Jacobs sample sale by 260SAMPLESALE : )

There is usually some sort of line, and the wait time depends on the brand. I have waited from ten minutes to an hour and fifteen minutes. There is usually a line because the venue can only hold a certain amount of people at a time, and usually that’s still a lot of people. Can you imagine if everyone just barged in? You wouldn’t be able to see the clothes! Once you get in, you have to check your coat and bag – they will only let you keep your phone and wallet. Remember to keep the tag they give you! I keep mine in my wallet so I don’t lose it.


YOU’RE IN! This is what it looks like when you walk in, basically racks and racks of stuff. They are sorted by category and if you’re lucky, they will be sorted by size. On the first two days most things are ordered by size, but towards the end of the sale, not so much.


There will be prices posted on the walls to tell you how much each item costs. They will pretty much always put the clothes in categories like below because it’s easier for them to do checkout. Some of the 260SAMPLESALE sales will have prices posted on Snapchat, so I will check that when I’m in line. Other times, I will check Twitter to see if anyone posted the prices there.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Not all sample sales have two floors, but this one did. All the handbags and accessories were in plastic bins and LOTS OF PEOPLE. (As you can tell, the shoes weren’t so popular at this sale.)


Some people will stay there for a very long time, because they do not put out all the items at once. For the people who have a lot of time, they will stay there until the next batch of items are brought out. It was actually kind of difficult to go through these bins, because it was a mix of tech accessories, handbags, wallets, and so on. You definitely need some patience when you go to sample sales!


Once you are done picking out the items you want, it’s time to checkout! The good news is that the checkout line usually goes pretty fast, because the items are grouped into categories and each category has one price. After you did some damage, don’t forget to get your coat and bag! Now you can go back to work/home happy because you got some great deals awwyeahh.

I hope this blog post was helpful/entertaining and I hope you’re excited to go to your next sample sale! Thanks for stopping by : )

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