Christmas Baking

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One of the things I love most about the holiday season is sweet memories like Christmas baking. Whether you’re baking with family or friends, it’s quality time you get to spend with them. After not seeing my friend Sandy for over four months, we reunited for some holiday cheer and festive treats. We spent the afternoon catching up and decorating these adorable brownies. Treasure this time with your friends and family ❀

The inspiration behind these brownies is this video, but we used brownies for both designs to keep it simple. They turned out super cute and delicious! Definitely difficult to not devour them all.


We opted for the tip of a strawberry for Rudolph’s nose to keep the ingredients to a minimum.


And of course a photoshoot with the festive brownies (yes, I am wearing my Fitbit while holding two brownies).


Is four Christmas trees too much?


Thank you Sandy for taking pictures for me today!


As featured on my Instagram. Follow me for sneak peeks, life in New York City, and more!


If you can’t tell already, this is my favorite time of year. Hope everyone is having an amazing Christmas weekend so far! Thanks for stopping by : )

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